Creating environments that help people find their way back to God.

Sundays 10am

Mission, Vision, & Core Values

Mission: Creating environments that help people find their way back to God.

Vision: Adventure Christian Church will work together to create Christ-centered environments that:

• Reach Those Far From God
o Go where lost people live, work, and play
o Welcome everyone and value their presence
o Embrace people where they are

• Develop Reproducing Disciples
o Be a catalyst for life transformation
o Apprentice others intentionally
o Provide pathways for spiritual growth

  • Influence our Community

o Point people to Jesus
o Be a positive representation of Jesus
o Be a church that engages our community

• Support New Church Plants
o Raise up and send out church planting leaders
o Support the physical needs of church plants by sending workers
o Give generously to church planting efforts

• Have Fun!
o Pursue a risk-taking faith; filled with fun and adventure
o Love being together and moving forward in our faith
o Laugh often in the grace of God and the presence of others 


What we value…

• Relationship.
Relationship with God - We celebrate a connection with God that yields lives that are filled with power, direction and purpose. We teach, practice and model that connection through worship, applying the Bible to life, seeking God in prayer, and taking risks together as a church.

Relationship with others 

• Authenticity.
We desire to create a safe space where people can be themselves, feel at home, and not have to pretend to be someone they are not.

• Teamwork.
We value genuine relationships and want this level of connection to permeate every aspect of church life. We work, love, mourn, and rejoice together in a way that honors Christ and unifies our community.

• People.
We value all people as God values all people, and we want to experience and express that love to others. We endeavor to love people recklessly, welcome them graciously, and accept them unconditionally.

• Mobility.
We work to extend ourselves outward to be a force for good with Christ's transforming presence for God, for people, for our city, and for the world.