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What our girls are saying!

"Teen Moms H.O.P.E. means a lot to me. Getting pregnant at 16 was the scariest thing that happened to me and then I found out I was having twins. Teen Moms H.O.P.E. is so great, it's a safe place where teen mothers can get together and enjoy themselves. It really means a lot to me that there are people in the world who can find it in their heart to support people like me. Thanks so much Teen Moms H.O.P.E.!!" – Rachel

"I've learned a lot of things at Teen Moms H.O.P.E.. One of the things that I've learned is that I'm not alone, there are people out there going through the same stuff as me. Another thing I've learned is that parenting is easier then it looks. Teen Moms H.O.P.E. has helped me get through times when I didn't have things. They helped me physically and emotionally. I've grown up a lot since I joined Teen Moms H.O.P.E.." – Katelyn

"To me Teen Moms H.O.P.E. is my world. After finding out I was pregnant I was forced to drop out of college, then after my grandparent kicked me out I was completely alone with no one to turn to. Around my eighth month of my pregnancy I moved in with a family friend who turned me onto teen mops. After attending my first meeting I was hooked. Teen Moms H.O.P.E. provided me a place where I wasn’t judged or looked down on for being a young mother I was accepted as I was. It provided me with a safe positive environment where I felt like everything was going to be ok. I was surrounded by girls in my similar situation and with the strength and guidance of our fearless leaders I was able to regain a lot of the confidence I had lost. I am now back in college finishing up my full time summer semester with a 4.0 gpa working around 30 hours a week, and I have a happy healthy five month old girl named Lily (who is 100% breastfed). Without Teen Moms H.O.P.E. I don’t know that I would get my confidence back to leave the house, but look what a little love and understanding can accomplish. Thank You Teen Moms H.O.P.E. Thank You Lori for taking your crazy idea and making it an awesome reality." - Jackie

"Going to Teen Moms H.O.P.E. was such an amazing experience! It's nice knowing that there are other teenage girls going through the same issues as me; girls to talk to and share stories, without being judged. It is a great short get away (even though our babies are in the next room) to just have "me" time and know that my children are being taken care of. The leaders are wonderful women, who love all of us, and want the best for us and will help whenever is needed. The girls grow friendships and help each other whenever needed and are always willing to lend a hand. Knowing that there is a group that you can go to and get advice without it being a lecture is the best feeling. I love this group!" – Amanda

"Teen Moms H.O.P.E., to me, is a warm safe environment that I know I can count on. I love going to the meetings because I know if there's anything I need to talk about, I can talk there. Or if I'm having any problems, I know my leaders and peers are willing to help in any way they can. Teen Moms H.O.P.E. has helped me not only with supplies, but knowledge about safely raising my daughter." – Breanna

"I’ve come to appreciate Teen Moms H.O.P.E. very much. It has helped me in so many ways. It has helped me socially and has given me a sense of comfort knowing there are other girls in my position. I loved my mentor moms as well. They have done so much for us girls by helping give diapers and a MOMShop (a store to buy items for kids and moms). They support young moms in many ways that we need. They have shown me that we are not alone in this and have given us great guidance like we were their own daughters. I can’t wait for next year." – Danielle